Hi there!

Pull up a chair, I don’t care what you go for, armchair, rocking chair, stool, pouffe or pew, but the kettle is on and you’d do well to bring your favourite pair of slippers.

This is 25 to 30, a lifestyle blog, not exclusively for those readers in their late 20′s, but exclusively about how I’m spending this 5 years that I have before I hit “the big three OH”. You’ll find the topics varied, sporadic even, without rhyme or reason, often impulsive, but always honest, that’s just the way I do things – blogging or otherwise.

So, what’s your flavour? You can read about my wedding day if you fancy, and nose at some nuptial photography, or just kick back and read about why I’ll never ever ever get my hair done at Salon Eleven in Banbury. I’ve blogged about my favourite (and least favourite) beauty products, my successful (and less successful recipes) and my undying, undeniable desire for a simple life, spent walking my dog on the beach, baking with my young son, being in love, being loved, owning cosy jumpers, and eating rhubarb yogurts.

Alright, a sleek fashion blog this is not, nor will I post a single makeup tutorial, because, you know what, I’m winging it every morning when I step foot in the bathroom, but this is a safe place of sorts, and the thoughts, opinions and experiences herein are at least those of a real life person.

I live in Broadstairs, that’s right by the sea, and if you’ve never been, then you’re missing out on the cutest ice cream parlours, most glorious British beaches and some very invasive seagulls!

Use the tags to the right to select topics you’re especially interested in, or just go straight to my blog┬áto see what’s being going on lately.


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